We’re a grassroots movement, we’re an uprising.  
We’re your friends and neighbors.

We have had enough of the media, Democrats and Republicans manipulating us –always selling us short.  Manufactured, lifetime politicians have failed us once too often. We face a time filled with unprecedented environmental and medical crises, and we have a government unwilling and unprepared to handle it.

It’s time for a political revolution, and we’re drafting Jesse to help lead us to victory.  

Jesse Ventura has a strong track record of speaking truth to power.
He is an independent, experienced statesman, and veteran.
Let's #DraftJesse for the 2020 Presidential race!

We know Jesse is America’s ‘Hail Mary’ to unite the independent voting majority in this country and take it back from the monied interests and corrupt political elite who for too long have denied American citizens any true representation in Washington.

America was created of the people, by the people, and for the people. 

Join us - let’s shatter the establishment duopoly,
re-invigorate our democratic roots, and make history together.

Why We're Drafting Jesse


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God, why can't the stupid politicians facilitate the simple solutions
Jesse is talking about.
He makes sense. They don't.


Please run for office again Mr. Ventura, you are spot on. The people need someone like you.


Jesse, your country needs you desperately to run for President and be a political patriot one more time.  If not now, when?

K. Lemay

JESSE WE NEED YOU, you can lead the people! We are ready for an exit from the two party duopoly.


Danny o

I REALLY hope you will run for president! I would vote for you and more than likely everyone else I know would too!

We need someone like you that will actually fight for the people and put all the treasonous traitors in Washington in their place.

Hildolfr Draugadrottin

Jesse please my god save us run third party in November. Give us an alternative to the 2 pieces of crap running right now.

Side Show

Ventura would be the only truly qualified to be the "Commander and Chief" of the US. You served the US as Navy SEAL in Vietnam.  What did Trump do? Avoid service{bad feet}? .... What has Biden done???  
Ventura run for the President of the United States.  This Country needs your service again.

Joseph O.

It would be great for the world if all Americans thought like you Jesse

Max S.

Jesse, please make a run for president. Give Americans a choice beyond the false Left/Right paradigm illusion of democracy. Your country needs you.

D. Bogard