Get to Know Jesse

Patriot      Navy SEAL      Governor      Statesman      Harvard Fellow

Jesse Ventura is a former professional wrestler, author, actor, Harvard Fellow, Navy SEAL, and statesman who served as Mayor of Brooklyn Park, Minnesota and, later, as the 38th Governor of Minnesota. First we knew him as Jesse “The Body” Ventura, then as Jesse “The Mind,” and after, Jesse “The Governor". Next?  Jesse “The President".

Here are some key stances the Governor has taken on these issues:

Jesse Ventura believes healthcare is a human right and that healthcare should not be a for profit business.
He has also stated that every American should have the same health coverage as the members of Congress.

"Congress works for the people. Is there any other situation where the employees have better health coverage than the employer?" 

Jesse Ventura believes that climate change is an existential crisis facing our planet. Half the year he lives on the coast in Mexico, and he can see the ocean dying. The survival of the human race is more important than money, and we need a president who will stand up to the corporations killing this planet.

Watch this video from 2016 where Jesse interviews Dr. Jill Stein. Their agreement about climate change and what issues are most pressing for our nation is what led him to support and join the Green party.

Jesse Ventura has stood against racism his entire life. When he returned from Vietnam & joined a motorcycle club he joined a predominantly Hispanic club because they were the only one that didn’t discriminate based on race at the time.

A top priority for Jesse will be to legalize marijuana and end the war on drugs. He believes marijuana is a medical plant with endless applications. Hemp can be used as fuel, cloth, paper, and growing it can clean the environment. Jesse’s wife suffers from a seizure disorder and medical marijuana was the only thing to effectively treat her illness after years of failure with pharmaceuticals. This led him to write a book on the topic, Marijuana Manifesto. He’s become a strong advocate for its legalization.

Get money out of politics. Jesse Ventura accepts no corporate or Super PAC money. The people will fund Jesse’s campaign because that’s who he will work for – as a statesman not a politician.

Jesse Ventura wants the US to end all wars and close our overseas bases that are a waste of our tax dollars and military resources. He wants to bring our troops home to protect our country from here rather than dying overseas fighting wars for corporate interests & regime changes.

Jesse believes that college should be accessible & affordable so young Americans aren’t starting out their lives buried in debt they can never escape. He also acknowledges that a four year degree isn’t the best fit for everyone. Once we are out of all wars & cut military spending he would use that money for free public college.

If America is the land of the free, then why are 2.2 million Americans in prison? Prisons should not be run for profit. This incentivizes prisons & governments to keep people locked up instead of contributing to society. This is especially true for non-violent offenders who, incarcerated for minor crimes, in turn, have their futures ruined to keep the private prisons profitable. We shouldn’t allow their records to prevent them from obtaining employment or participating in elections.

Jesse Ventura believes in a woman’s right to choose. He hates the hypocrisy of “Pro-birthers”, as he calls them, for opposing abortion along with the welfare programs those children would need and for opposing contraception and sex education.

The Second Amendment grants the right to Americans to bear arms for a well-regulated militia. Jesse believes in and practices the Second Amendment, but he believes in regulations, training, and safety. In Minnesota as Governor he stopped counties from infringing on Second Amendment rights while at the same time passing the most comprehensive and progressive gun regulations including registration, training, and zero tolerance alcohol policy to carry.

Jesse Ventura thinks all Americans should have the same rights no matter what demographic they belong to. He has supported gay rights ever since one of his wrestling friends wasn’t allowed to be at the bedside of his dying partner in the 80’s because it was illegal for them to be married. That is wrong. Being gay is not a choice and everyone has the right to live their life however makes them happy.

Wealth inequality has gotten out of control in this country and something has to be done about it. Jesse Ventura is the only potential candidate or politician who wants to impose a maximum wage on people who make multimillion dollar salaries every year. He believes that anybody who works a 40 hour week should be paid enough that they don’t require any government assistance.

The US government interfering in South American and Central American politics has created the US border crisis. People fleeing their countries for safety should be treated as refugees. With closed borders our agriculture industry would collapse and food prices would skyrocket.